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The recycling program in Palm Beach County is considered to be one the country’s best! It uses a colored recycling bin system to help residents of the county sort their recyclable trash into categories for curbside collection. Recycling in Palm Beach County helps to reduce waste and preserve space in our landfills. The Florida Legislature has established a new statewide recycling goal—reduce the disposal of recyclables 75% by 2020 and taking part in the SWA’s home recycling program can help.

If you want to recycle other items not acceptable for your bins don’t forget many retail stores can help. Most Publix stores will recycle plastic shopping bags, Best Buy stores recycle old electronics, and your burnt out CFL light bulbs can be taken to Lowe’s and Home Depot stores for proper disposal. (Call your local store to be sure that location has recycling capabilities)

Logon to the Solid Waste Authority’s web site to request your recycling bins today or call 866-NEW-BINS.

recycling in palm beach

Blue Bin

Plastic Containers #1-#7

Steel Cans

Aluminum Cans

Drink Boxes

Milk Cartons

Glass Bottles and Jars

Yellow Bin

Paper Products



Unwanted Mail

School and Office Papers

Phone Books

Paper Bags

Boxes: including: beverage cartons, tissue boxes, dry food boxes, corrugated cardboard, Boxes must be flattened and cut to 3’x3′ max

recycling in palm beach

Prohibited Items: Because contamination affects the marketability of the materials collected, please be careful not to place the following in your bins: Plastic Wrap & Bags, Styrofoam, Light Bulbs, mirrors, glass plates, vases, Containers larger than 5 gallons, Plastic furniture, or Food waste.